An Evil Biography

Simply put - Evil is the new good. Evil Uncle is a Kinks and Absinth cocktail that will have you singing all the way to the funny farm. He will lure you into His World with beautiful melodies and infuriatingly catchy tunes. Before you know it you will find yourself deep in the mind of a very strange human. This experience will alter you slightly, maybe for the better, maybe for the worse. But this much is certain; you will sing along for weeks and come back for more.

A taster EP (Songs for the Road) was unleashed on the unsuspecting public in September with 7,000 free copies being planted in strange places across Ireland by the Evil Uncle Guerrilla Distribution Army. The response has been overwhelming ("...surely one of the most creative Irish releases this year." - Alternative Irish Music Review, "...if this is a taste of things to come we’re in for a treat." - Elbo Magazine). Whisps of Wilco, Jarvis and Grandaddy can be felt floating about here and there like ghosts and He has certainly picked up a storytelling trick or two from the eloquent Ray Davies.

He is about to release His debut album "Two Lights Not Broken" from its cage where it has been prowling menacingly. This was recorded by Evil Uncle in various spaces across India and Europe and mastered by none other than Aidan Foley (other clients include Van Morrison, U2, Foo Fighters and The Frames). It is shaping up to be a masterpiece capable of meeting the massive anticipation head on.

Snippets for Songs for the Road EP (09/2010):
· "Surely one of the most creative Irish EP's released this year." - Alternative Irish Music Review
· “With five or six more clever tracks he could have the makings of a modern day classic." - Scruff Daddy Magazine Review
· "If this is a taste of things to come we’re in for a treat." - Elbo Magazine Review
· "Interesting lyrics with some beautiful melodies and strong vocals. Evil Uncle ticks all the right boxes." (8/10) - Drop D Magazine Review

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