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Evil Uncle is dead! It has been many years since I have performed or written music as Evil Uncle and, unlike a band which can disband and give some finality or closure, Evil has been lingering on in limbo and I think it is time to pull the plug and set him free.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for all the support and encouragement during the Evil years. People who came to the shows, bought the album, helped me spread the Evil word, told their friends, called their radio stations, wore the t-shirts (never forget the first time I saw somebody randomly wearing one!), shared FB posts, gave me feedback on songs, gave me lifts, loans and love. Thank you all!

Apart from the general interactions and fun with all of you, some of the personal highlights for me were:

  • Winning over Dave Fanning and getting spins on his show.
  • All press reviews but the Hot Press 4.5/5 album review had me grinning for a while “….a cornucopia of top-grade musical eccentricity….” Yes indeed! 
  • The Two Lights Not Broken album launch & nationwide tour was a fantastic time with great memories. In fact, all gigs were just so much fun.

What next? I started writing and recording some new music recently. It is quite far removed from Evil Uncle in terms of style and content, more Electronic (in a similar vein to Fujiya and Miyagi maybe), it is bloody good fun and I love it. Watch this space, as they say! The new project has called itself Tuto San and I will shortly drop you a GDPR email about adding you to the update list. I will be officially launching it late in the Summer. 

Follow this sneaky preview link for a taste of Tuto. Any and all feedback / abuse welcome!  

So that’s it, Evil Uncle – you guys were here for the beginning, the middle and, now, the end. Hopefully you will also join Tuto and I on our magical journey. 

Love and gratitude,
Stevil Uncle.

PS I have a box of "Two Lights Not Broken" albums in my shed along with some "Evil Uncle Infected My Ears" t-shirts. A fiver a pop, 100% of proceeds going to RNLI Lifeboats. Available here



Thanks to everybody who came to see my set at Electric Picnic over the weekend. An Evil time was had by all. Stay tuned to Dave Fanning who has been playing Something for Nothing (thanks Dave!). You have all been told.



Happy new year and all that jazz. Just a quickie to say thanks to all for the continued support over 2011, especiall all those radio requests. Very much appreciated! Please excuse my recent state of hibernation but rest assured that Evil will be back in 2012. Recording some new songs at the mo and thought I had better update the websits while I am at it. My new years resolution is to be a better sort of Evil.

Your pal,
Evil Ucle.


Hey hey! Tune in to Newstalk 106-108 tonight from 23:30. I'll be interviewed by Fionn Davenport on Cultre Shock and will play a song or two. The first two people to email me ( and tell me what song I played first will get a copy of Two Lights Not Broken for free! Don't say I never give you anything....

Your pal,
Evil Uncle.


Happy Christmas to all! What a few weeks it has been. My debut album (Two Lights Not Broken) is out and my first nationwide tour complete. Before I say another word I have to say a massive-IMF-Bailout-Sized thank you to everybody who braved the cold weather to feel the warm glow of Evil in their ears. Likewise to everybody who has bought the album, said nice things and/or spread the word - thank you!

There are a couple of excellent reviews of Two Lights Not Broken so far including one in Hot Press where it got four stars (that works out at roughly two per light). Not too shabby! Also it got 8/10 in Drop-D and and there is a great review of the launch in The Sugar Club on Goldenplec. Relive the magic or pretend you were there! John Bella Reilly on 2FM described Evil Uncle as "one of the greatest acts featured on the Undercurrents project.... Crooked Heart is beautifully rueful, twisted, genius."

Where can you get your grubby little hands on this fine album?  HMV, Tower, Freebird Records, iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and a shed load of other places, including the Evil website here.

Also, the Winter range of Evil Uncle apparel has been unveiled featuring (and limited to) the "Evil Uncle Infected My Ears" t-shirt. Top quality mens and fitted womens fits. You will be beating off potential suitors over Christmas with a dirty stick*. All this and more here.

Your pal,
Evil Uncle.

*Dirty sticks currently out of stock.

Linky Links:
Hot Press Review - "'DIY doesn't come much better than this.....a cornucopia of top-grade musical eccentricity... exuberantly sublime..." (I have included the full text here for those not subscribed to the HP site)
Golden Plec Launch Review - "....a unique evenings entertainment....check them out!"
Drop-D Album Review - "An excellent debut record from Evil Uncle"
Kilkenny Advertiser Piece - "A one man musical feast!"
UCC Newspaper Interview


Two Lights Not Broken is now onsale in HMV, Tower Records and Freebird Records. You can also buy it online right here. Enjoy!



The hour is nigh! I took delivery of my debut album Two Lights Not Broken last night and it looks almost as good as it sounds. I am so excited and I just can't hide it. It will be in shops from 12/11 and it will be officially launched in The Sugar Club on Tuesday 16/11. Bring your friends, family, people you fancy, people you hate and complete strangers. My Evil Brother Emmett will be joining me on drums/ukulele/one handed claps and there will be fun, awkwardness, popcorn, poetry and music.

The Evil tour will follow and I have included a summary itinerary below for those of you reading this at work and in no particular hurry to return to aforementioned work. If you can make any of these dates that would be superb.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road!

Your pal,
Evil Uncle.

PS Thanks to everybody who texted to say they heard Something for Nothing on 2FM over the weekend!
PPS Two Lights Not Broken will be onsale in HMV, Tower, local independent record stores, and iTunes from 12/11.

09/11 DIT Aungier Street, Dublin (Free)
10/11 Belfield FM live session & interview, Dublin (Free)
11/11 DIT Bolton Street, Dublin (Free)
15/11 Trinity College, Dublin (Free)
16/11 The Sugar Club, Dublin (€12 / €7)
17/11 NUIG Student Union Sessions, Galway (Free)
17/11 Flirt FM live session & interview (alternative music radio station), Galway (Free)
17/11 Roisin Dubh, Galway (€7 / €5)
18/11 UCC Students' Union, Cork (Free)
18/11 CCFM live performance & interview, Cork (Free)
18/11 The Roundy, Cork (€8 / €5)
19/11 IT Tralee Students' Union, Kerry (Free)
19/11 Radio Kerry live session & interview (Free)
19/11 St John's Theatre, Listowel, Kerry (€10 / €8)
20/11 Cleere's Theatre, Kilkenny (€5)
21/11 The John Hewitt, Belfast (Free)



It has been a busy few weeks in Evilville. Songs for the Road has been getting a tremendous response. The Guerrilla Distribution Army have been working hard and thanks to them 7,000 lucky people around the country have Evil in their ears. Underground (and overground) media have picked up on it too. There is a brand new Reviews page on the site here for your perusal. Some of my favourite quotes are...

"....surely one of the most creative Irish EP's released this year." - Alternative Irish Music Review
"    with five or six more clever tracks he could have the makings of a modern day classic." - Scruff Daddy Magazine Review
"...if this is a taste of things to come we’re in for a treat." - Elbo Magazine Review
"....interesting lyrics with some beautiful melodies and strong vocals. Evil Uncle ticks all the right boxes." (8/10) - Drop D Magazine Review

Evil Uncle is now well and truly on the radars. And relieved.....

Anyway, past-schmast. Here's the future: the album is nearly there (despite blowing speakers, dying laptops and ringing ears) and will be released on Tuesday, November 16th. Exciting stuff! The launch gig will be in The Sugar Club so stick this in your diaries and be sure to be there. It is shaping up to quite a show! Nationwide tour will follow, some dates have been announced here with more to come. Stay tuned!

As ever, please help spread the word. Evil loves you.

Your pal,
Evil Uncle.

Tour Dates so far...

Nov 15 Trinity College Dublin
Nov 16 The Sugar Club, Dublin
Nov 17 NUIG Students Union Galway
Nov 17 Róisín Dubh, Galway
Nov 18 University College Cork
Nov 18 The Roundy , Cork
Nov 19 St. John's Theatre, Listowel, Co. Kerry
Nov 20 Cleere's Theatre, Kilkenny
Nov 21 The John Hewitt, Belfast


Et voila! Songs for the Road was launched over the weekend at Electric Picnic. The gig on Sat night went well and I had a ball. 5,000 picniccers found a copy of the EP on their car windshields on Monday morning and we're getting some great feedback here. The story was also covered by a few radio stations and Spider Song is emerging as the pick of the bunch. Over the next fortnight the Guerrilla Distribution Army will be leaving a further 2,000 copies in random places around Dublin, Cork and Galway. If you can help out in those places or somewhere else get in touch and we will (we will) stock you! Massive thanks to the Electric Picnic squad for their Herculean early morning efforts. The Evil movement is gathering momentum.....

Other bits and bobs:

  • For the next fortnight the entire Songs for the Road EP can be downloaded for free here. If you sign up to the distribution list you will also get a link that lets you download the entire thing in one go. Something for Nothing eh?
  • Balcony TV session and Siloette Session videos can now be viewed here.
  • The Evil Uncle Board of Wonder is open for business / comments / abuse / typose.
  • Spread the word! Befriend Evil Uncle on Facebook using the link above and tell your friends and enemies.

Your pal,
Evil Uncle.


Hi all, 

Evil never sleeps...... I will be releasing a five track taster EP called Songs for the Road on September 6th.  These songs are previews of the content of the album which will be released in November.  7,000 EP CDs are currently being pressed and guerilla distribution tactics will be employed to get this music to the masses. Exciting stuff!  More info to follow but if you want to help out please email - all efforts greatly appreciated.
Songs for the Road will also be available for free download here from 06/09 but for those lacking in patience all tracks are available to stream right here, right now.  Evil is good to you.

In general Evil news:

  • Evil Uncle was New Artist of the Week on i102-104 last week.
  • 'Junkies Killed my Baby' has been getting a nice bit of airplay around the country.  Evil Uncle is quietly burrowing into all sorts of ears.
  • Evil Uncle will be featured on Balcony TV on Saturday 21st August.
  • Timmy (Spider Song) video has just been uploaded to The Siloette Sessions. Recorded on the roof of St Stephen's Green shopping centre before security chased us off. Watch out for a dastardly seagul singing along in the background.

I need volunteers to help out with a secret project during Electric Picnic. If you can spare an hour or two on one of the mornings please get in touch. Don't worry you wont have to talk to anybody or do anything embarrassing!

Your pal,
Evil Uncle.


Howdy! Welcome to the all new Evil Uncle website. Fresh out of the box. You can still smell the virtual styrofoam. I have been busy lately putting the finishing touches on the album before I send it away to be mastered. I realise these finishing touches have been going on for a while now. Very touchy feely I am. Sounding good (or evil) though and I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. I have been trying out some of the newer songs (and the older too for good measure) in a few little gigs around Dublin and Galway. So far so good.

Anyway, I hope you like the site. Send me feedback, random hate mail or money. I like getting mail. It makes me feel all important like. 

I solemnly swear to keep this site up to date with music, gig dates and general Evil info so thanks for visiting and do come again.

Your pal,
Evil Uncle.
Next gig: Saturday 07/08/2010 - Supporting Mick Flannery in Róisín Dubh, Galway.

Evil Uncle Steve O'Sullivan gigs in Galway Dublin Evil Uncle Live Listen to Gardening and Junkies Killed my Baby Timmy the Spider you will like Evil Uncle he changed my life.  Evil Uncle Roisin Dubh album two lights not broken Evil Uncle will ruin your life.